Lize van de Ven

Your collabortion - my interpertation

When making a painting escpecially for you, I can take your preferences into account, incorporate specific symbols that speak to you, use personal photo’s (if desired) and work with your ideal colors.

Connect on a deeper level 

The Process

  • You can connect with me via email to share your basic ideas or questions.
  • We meet in person/via zoom to discuss your desires and the details. I will be interested in the following:

which of my paintings you like the most and why; if you have a specific place in mind for the painting; which colors palets you enjoy; the size; subject and any other specific elements

  • I make a written summery of the above and include an agreed price range
  • I start designing after a 25% deposit (non-refundable) has been made
  • When you are pleased with the design, I start painting
  • I share my progress and when I expect to have it finished
  • The outstanding payment is made when both of us are satisfied with the end result